Padma is Back

TOP CHEF started its 2010 season last night. Don't ask me the number of season this one is because I don't know. The reason why I don't know is I've only started watching it last season where the Voltaggio brothers, Bryan and Michael, ended up fighting, er cooking it out in the finals. That finale I saw coming.

This year though, I don't see anyone yet that would be outstanding, well except for Angelo something who won both the first Quickfire Challenge and the Elimination Challenge. Can't wait for this season to play out.

In related news, Food TV's THE NEXT FOODNETWORK STAR is also underway, only a week's episode ahead of Top Chef. This year's group of aspirants doesn't seem to be as brilliant as the past years, but we'll see.

So this summer, I am dieting, dieting, dieting - but watching only cooking shows. Go figure!


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