Another Weekend Recap

Tell me please that time is not marching on this rapidly. Okay, it's almost July - ALREADY!

I know. I better start writing up a recap of the first half of the year pretty soon. So later on in the second half of the year I can look back on the recap post and see what's accomplished and what is not.

In the mean time, let me recap my too-brief-a-weekend.

Saturday was a lazy day. My church had the annual yard sale. I was pretty lazy that I did not sign up to help out with the sales or the clean up. Last year I was there with the troops, this time I was curled up in bed until about 1 pm, lounging with hubby and the cat and watching SHUTTER ISLAND, which was our Netflix movie.

Okay let me first tell you how much I loved Shutter Island. How much I loved Leo in this movie. I think I may have fallen a little bit in love with him here. Not as much as I went head over heels ga-ga when he did that movie with Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. I can't remember the name of the movie and too lazy to google it. Anyway, I admire the storytelling of Scorcese. Well, that's all I have to say about this movie. I'm sure you all have seen it by now, so I don't need to tell you how I feel anymore than that I love the movie and Leo.

To continue with my recap of Saturday - I skipped breakfast/lunch at home and after taking a quick shower, my mom and I went to have late lunch - twas about 2 pm - at her favorite local Chinese restaurant. You know how big portions they give you at these places. An order of $7.95 string beans with beef is a platter, large enough for four regular mouths. So we ordered the string beans, a platter (order) of fried rice, an order of wonton soup (twas a breezy cool day for late June), and fried chicken wings.

I was very good. I tasted, but did not pig out. Surprisingly I wasn't hungry when we went out to eat, considering it was 2 pm and I did not have anything to eat yet.

After running a couple of errands after lunch, we went home. Husband decided to cook - he does the cooking at home coz he is such a good cook - which means I would be doing all the chopping, dicing, slicing, and all other prep work.

When that was done, surprisingly we had a little bit of time left. We have tickets to the movies and realized that we haven't seen PRINCE OF PERSIA yet. So off to the net I went to check for showtime. Luckily our neighborhood multiplex or metroplex still shows the movie and the next one was 7:25 pm.

The movie exceeded my expectations. Have I mentioned before that my enjoyment of a movie is direct correlation to how much I enjoy the actors? Yes I am unashamedly actor-centric when it comes to movies. So not really a fan of Jake G (cant spell last name, lazy to google), I really had no expectations at all. Husband loved to see it so we went. But goodness, the casting was perfect, the story was fun (it was a video game????), and I simply love all the CGIs. Thank heavens for CGI, right? Anyway, two thumbs up!

On Sunday, we attended the mass and my husband got his pop for Pops at church. The church was giving away suckers for fathers and men in connection with Father's Day.

The best part of Sunday was getting a massage. A massage is an extra expense for both of us, one that we have to save up for because we really can't afford it. But we bit the bullet and after months of going without massage, we went and tried this new place near our house. We did because of the coupon we got. Anyhoo, I truly loved her massage, although I thought she was making up some of the techniques/moves she was employing on me. Still, she set the perfect ambience for a relaxing time while having the massage. I think I'll save up for another visit. My husband wasn't truly impressed and preferred the Chinese masseuse 10 miles away.

We ended Sunday watching Food TV's Next Foodnetwork Star and Dzindra (spelling?) got booted off, thank heavens.


mumsified said…
We can have a whole body massage here for as low as $6. That's why I love living in Asia. You can get almost everything you want without having to pay a steep price.

Will have to wait for the DVD of Prince of Persia. Read a lot of good reviews. =)

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