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When I was growing up, I only saw the beach once a year. In May when my family or some family members would go to the annual pilgrimmage to Our Lady of Manaoag. After hearing mass visiting with the Virgin Mary's image, we would picnic on the beach and spend the rest of the day there. Those were the days of excursions to the beach.

I was raised in a town where the nearest body of water, a river, is a few kilometers away and raised by parents who were afraid of the water. Therefore, no chance to learn to swim or do any activities connected to water.

Now that I live here in the bay area, we are surrounded by water. But unlike the beaches in SoCal, our beaches here have COLD water. Unless the weather heats up to 80F+, it is just way too cold to be on the beach, much less in the water.

So on occasions that the temps around here heats up, then we go and walk on the beach.

But next week, I will be going on vacation to a tropical setting where the water is warm. I hope to enjoy the beach as much as I could without learning how to swim.

I simply can't wait for my excursion to the beach this summer. Happy summer every one.


mumsified said…
Have fun in the beach!
MinnieRunner said…
Happy Summer! I love beach too!
Dewdrop said…
No camera? I can't even imagine.

Great shot!

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