Guess Who Took A Shower Yesterday?

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Meet my darling precious pet, Emma. She is a rescued cat and she arrived in our lives on March 30, 2010. She is the most affectionate, intelligent, and playful cat - not to mention manipulative - I've ever met. Of course, before her, my dealings with cats were short.

My husband grew up with cats. He kept telling me how he used to give his cats bath. I said I'd believe it when I see it. I've been told that cats are averse to water.

On Sunday, while the three of us were taking it easy, hubs was watching recorded World Cup games and I was blogging/Facebooking, Emma joined us in the bedroom and took her rightful place on my computer swivel chair - she loves this chair and would give me grief if I get caught using it.

She was mellow that day. Saturday and Sunday we experienced hot 90-degree weather. I don't know what got into the hubster, but he picked up Emma and took her to the bathroom and gave her a shower. I didn't follow them. I stayed facebooking. I never heard any peep from either one. The water was all I could hear. Then hubster was yelling for me to get her a towel. I got a towel and opened the shower door, and there they were my family and Emma seemed to be enjoying the new experience.

Of course after we dried her off, she scampered away and went under the bed and did not want to have anything to do with either of us. She did join us downstairs by dinner time. All's forgotten it seems. She smells cleaner (altho she always smelled good), and her hair feels softer.

This is her with her favorite sleeping position. She sleeps with us on the bed, but we put a throw on her side so all her hair just stays in this throw.

Isn't she precious?


Bonnie Bonsai said…
Poor, poor Emma. Don't worry, she loved the shower too!

I did that to three kittens one extremely hot summer day. I bathed them one at a time and wrapped them real warm. Of course they tried to resist but I was stronger than them, so they relented.d

It was done just once. They never liked the sound of the running tap water.

Thank you for the pop up! :)
mumsified said…
oh, I couldn't see Emma's picture. Will check back again later =)

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