I can't wait for the weekend to come. No. I am not going on a trip somewhere. Not even a road trip. I'm basically giddy with delight because Friday is closer to Sunday, which is the LOST SERIES FINALE EVENT on tv. ABC 7 is airing Lost from 7 pm I believe up to 11 pm. Now that is a lot of tv. But since it's LOST and it's the series finale, I have made arrangements for this weekend to be my personal Lost weekend as well.

I know I'm being selfish but I already notified my husband that I would not do any housechores on Sunday evening. I will not even be washing dishes. It will be time for LOST. We'll have frozen pizza and some mojito or beer for dinner.

I must say my feelings about Lost ending its run is ambivalent. I am torn apart it seems. I, like the multitude of LOSTies, am excited to see the end, but at the same time not ready to see it end. Not ready to not have LOST on Tuesdays.

This is one show that I can say I have seen since the very first show. I stumbled upon it accidentally. What a serendipitous event I'd say. When the plane exploded, I made a committment that I'd see this show through its very end. And who would have thought that there is an end to this storytelling.

I will definitely miss the WTF moments that this show had served us through the years. All those improbabilities, no-way situtations. They're all what LOST is about. And I'm definitely going to miss it.


the scud said…
It's quite sad the series ends on Sunday. But it's a good thing too. I don't want a good show go to waste with the writers adding more and more subplots just to get the story going.

Here's hoping the finale would be kick-ass to end all kick-asses (whatever that means). haha.
mumsified said…
Enjoy your show! =) I haven't seen any episode of this. I don't think it's available here anyway.

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