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Let's talk TV. I know I've been terribly remiss with my tv talk/postings. It's not that I stopped watching. Oh no! Not I. That would be horrible. The reason is not quite clear to me. However, I have wanted so much to vent on the upcoming LOST finale. But I can't get my thoughts and opinions squared away for posting. There is too much emotional involvement on my part to take on an impartial reporting.

So let's talk tv and their finales.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: It must be habit that makes me tune in to this aging show, because the stories have really been lackluster this season. In order for it to pull in new watchers or renewed interest in its old faithfuls, it must shake it up a little bit. I kind of see the end of Angie Bolen and her family's stay in Wisteria Lane. I never really liked the addition of them in the show. The season finale did not give the viewers enough incentive to eagerly await for the fall season to arrive.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: So Robert McAllister died. That's the Rob Lowe character who is married to the Calista Flockhart character. News of his departure on the show circulated a few months back and like everyone else I wondered how his character would be written out. Now we know. I thought this character, which is a late addition, can be done without. I thought that Kitty's character right now does not need a man. Let her do the single mom thing.

Uncle Saul has AIDS, Rebecca took the job, Saul and Scotty are opening a restaurant, Sarah is depressed, Justin wants to go to Haiti - none of these really say "tune in" for next season, does it?

GREY'S ANATOMY: I am guessing that the finale will be this Thursday. This season was prosaic (boring - just using a less boring word than boring). So Katherine Heigl left, so what? I think there's way too many characters in the show. I suggest paring down the cast so the main cast could get meatier roles and also I am hoping the writing to step up to the plate next fall. The musical chairs on sexual partners can be very tiring and old, change the formula, that worked in the past. Doesn't work now. I don't want to see Owen and Teddy and most of the new casts they got when Seattle Grace and another hospital merged.

CASTLE: A newbie, on its first season and I'm totally in love with this show. It's a permanent DVR fixture. I love the interplay of Castle and Beckett's character. Since this is on its first year, I am sure that the writers are still hungry to write fab episodes. What about a new character next season? Some "other" lady for Castle, as there is some other man for Beckett. I can't wait for the season finale, which I am guessing is today - tonight?

THE GOOD WIFE: I love Julianna Marguilles, been a fan from ER. That is why I tuned in to the premier show. This too is another freshman on the tv block. I'm still sorting out my feelings towards this show, but this year, it's a good show to watch after LOST (another channel).

AMERICAN IDOL: So they are down to three. Crystal, Lee and Casey, three of my faves. I would think Crystal should win. She's the most talented of all the contestants this year. She deserves it.

LOST: I know we've been inundated with guesses on how LOST will end. It started its run with a bang (plane explosion, remember fellow Losties?) and I am expecting it's ending in a bang as well. This Tuesday - tomorrow - it airs its last new epi before the series finale on May 23, Sunday. Channel 7 is airing I believe the show from 7 pm to 11 pm. Two and a half of finale and the lead in hours they probably give us an enhanced epi or something, like they always do.

I can't pass up this chance to share how I think the show will end. Here it is.

"An attendant at the sanitarium is seen wheeling Hurley - on a wheelchair - back to his room. Hurley was sitting under that massive tree - the same spot where the dead Charlie showed himself to Hurley in the past season - and too much sun, too little medication, and a very active imagination has all contributed to a Hurley's contrivance of the whole thing. After six seasons, we find out that it's all in Hurley's head, his imagination."

Ha ha ha. I know that's farfetched, but hey it's LOST and anything's possible, right? Wanna share how you think LOST will end?


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