A Jumble of Thoughts

My facebook world is getting pretty interesting, mostly because of this page that a popular kid from high school has created/started. Now there is a place in cyberspace where we can say hi to people we went to high school with. While we lived in a small rural town, I would not consider our school small. Each level has 5 sections or classes, each containing an average of 50 students (teacher to student ratio sucked big time) that meant 1000 students attend that school.

And again I found how clueless I was, how isolated, how narrow my world was. I don't know a lot of these people. How could that be? So I spend an enormous amount of time browsing thru their albums, trying to recollect any instances where I have spoken to them. Now I'm a little bit obssessed about this page *grin*.

Another weekend is upon us and I have quite a full schedule. Full to me, it may not be to any of you. But on Saturday I am attending a wedding of someone I don't know, haven't met before. I will go as my hubby's plus one. The bride is his ex co-worker. Why he got an invite and not the other co-workers, I wouldn't know. At least there's another lady that's driving with us to the ceremony and the reception. Why she is going solo to a wedding, I wouldn't know. I'm just glad that I knew one other person in this wedding other than my husband.

And another thing that I wouldn't know is why the wedding is in an Episcopal church when both bride and groom are Chinese? I would have thought if they are Christians, they would I guess be Catholics instead of Episcopalians. At least the probability would be higher in favor of Catholics.

Anyway, I would try to enjoy myself, take photos if I don't get shy. I hate it when my shyness take over and I don't get to shoot.

Oh and major headache about this wedding - I don't have a dress. I am not buying a dress. I am not shopping for any clothing right now. Why? Because I happen to be at my heaviest in my lifetime. I don't want to blame the recent surgery for this development. The surgeons didn't pad my body with hamburgers you know. Nope I wasn't eating burgers. But still I am very heavy, okay call me fat. I call myself fat. And as a punishment I ban myself from shopping until I lose weight. Which means that I have to make do with whatever is in my closet right now. And that means whatever I wear I would look like a pig in a blanket. Oh what a horror!

Sunday as you all know is Mother's Day. No major plans. Nothing fancy. Just like every year, I would take my mom to church then to lunch. My mother is averse to going out when it's dark. So it's mostly luncheon and brunch for her. What is going in my favor is that my mother simply adored this bargain restaurant in Chinatown in Oakland where the food is tasty, the serving is huge and price is a steal. A steal. Too good to be true? Well you have to go to Oakland for it, which means traffic on the way and driving around to find a good street parking. Okay any street parking, good luck. So paid parking is the solution. But it's still worth it. I myself love to eat there.

Another thing that's in my mind lately is the restlessness that had settled in our household. It has been over six months since our last vacation - currently still posting images of it here - no wonder we have been running around daily feeling run down and uninspired. We need to recharge our batteries. I want a weekender or even a day trip somewhere. The weekly visits to San Francisco attending festivals and various activities have helped, but I need a long drive to clear my mind and soothe my nerves, frayed from the fear and uncertainty before, during and after surgery.

There's an island vacation that we are looking to take sometime in the next couple of months, which would be wonderful if that pushes through. I just hope that I can get away from work and that I would be allowed to take a weeklong absence after the month off I just took because of the surgery.


mumsified said…
Facebook eats a lot of my time. Hehe, I am really hooked.

Happy mother's day to your mom!

Goodluck with the wedding. Hope you get to shoot a lot of pictures.

Happy weekend!
Srivats said…
Its good to read whats happenin in ur life, yes FB is fun. Seems like driving nd paying for parking would cost more time, money and energy than the charges u get waived on food :) oh jus kidding, whats the fun if we just drop in the next resturant near the home? hehe its nice that u take ur mom out on mothers day. My wishes to her :)

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