Three-Day Weekend is Over

The three-day weekend, aka Christmas Holiday, is over and here's how I spent it:
  • We spent Saturday cooking and vacumming the house, even though I wasn't expecting anyone. 
  • Attended a little party at a friend's house.  While sipping wine and munching on delicious cheese we were talking about the woeful state of our city's economy and the blunders our city managers have made regarding some projects.  Boy did I feel so adult that time :)
  • Immediately after leaving the party, went to church so I could set up the altar for the 9 pm mass.
  • Attended the 9 pm mass.
  • Took mother (with hubby) to the 11:30 pm Carols and 12 midnite Catholic service.
  • Sunday started with a mass at 9:30 am.  Hubby said we're all massed out for Christmas :)
  • Went to brother's house for our annual family Christmas luncheon.  Sadly, there were no shows.  How I hate that :(
  • Monday came and we went to drop off presents and some ham and nilaga to our Vietnamese friends.
  • Went shopping.  Didn't hit the jackpot as we did last year.  Not many things were on sale this year, or did we just start very late in the day and the shelves were nearly empty.
  • Stopped at Trader Joe's hoping we'd find a stollen.  We always have stollen for Christmas since we got married.  We have it for breakfast on the 24th.  Not this year as we forgot to buy it, because we didn't go to Cost Plus.  But they didn't have it anymore.
  • Ate nilage for dinner while watching our Netflix rental the ZOOKEEPER.
Now am back to work and we're all fogged up here.  Once the fog burns out later, we'd see a high of 60F, which is really really good for this time of the year.


kassidy's notes said…
you had a busy weekend. we had a laid back Christmas weekend. t'was good to be at home watching movies and relaxing for a change. i'm also back at work this week, and i'm not in the mood to do anything.

your package is here :)

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