My Favorite Movies of the Season

This season is one of the most hectic in the entire year.  Shopping here and there, Christmas parties everywhere. 

In order to restore my sanity, I lean on my old reliables to rejuvenate me.  My old reliable movies that is.  Every Christmas season, networks are filling their slots with holiday movies as the regular shows take a break. 

Here are my favorite Holiday movies of all time, in no particular order:

The last movie I watched in the Philippines before I migrated.  My bff and I watched it in Ali Mall and we halfheartedly watched it.  We were mostly chatting, making the most of our last moments together. 

Every Christmas time, I welcome Kevin to my household like a long lost relative.  Super funny, as I'm sure you all know and agree.


One of my favorites for a reason: Tim Allen.  I love Tim Allen in his HOME IMPROVEMENT days.  I have not outgrown this family oriented flick.  The little boy who played Tim Allen's son is oh so cute. 


Wouldn't be Christmas without it.  A mainstay in Holiday fun. 


I love, love, love Sandra Bullock in this quintessential chick flick.  I know it's not necessarily marketed as a Holiday movie, but it's set during the Christmas season. 

I'm cuddling with the kitties this weekend hoping one of these movies is on the tube.

So what are you favorite Holiday movies?


kayni said…
Same list for me. I have started watching my Xmas movies :)

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