Last night I had a dream, one that baffles me. I don't dream often, or perhaps I do but only few I still remember when I wake up. This one from last night is one that I remember vividly. I cannot remember the last time when a dream stayed with me all day long.

The setting was in my hometown. That's a guess. How else can my high school girlfriends and I be in one place if not for our hometown. Plus the people in my dream actually still live in my hometown.

So it began as a group of us girls were heading to the library as my friend, the main character of this dream, was to return a VHS tape and borrow another one. Yes, you heard that right VHS. In the dream I didn't put too much emphasis on VHS versus DVD. Why not DVD?

The other girls in the dream had no speaking part. They just loiter around us, browsing at the shelves. I know 3 of them. However, I know there were more with us than those three girls.

Anyway, the main character told me that she and her husband have split up! That she wants my opinion on this new guy she's eyeing! OMG! Totally out of character!

I must have said something to her when she dropped the bomb on me, but I don't remember. All I could remember was how could they break up when they were the most solid partnership in our group. And I don't know where the phrase "solid partnership" came from.

Now in my waking state granted that I've only been fully awake for 3 hours, the dream has been occupying my thoughts. I don't want to put too much stock on a dream. What did Freud say about dreams anyway? He said they represent wish fulfillment.

It cannot be my wish fulfillment. Absolutely not! I love them, their first-born is my godchild. Oh lordy, what a baffling dream so close to Christmas.


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