Thank You Kayni!

Blog pal Kayni proposed an exchange gift and I was one of those who responded to her proposal.  Last week, I received a wonderful package from her and a Christmas card also.  I know I'm not supposed to open it before Christmas, but I couldn't wait any longer.  The minute I opened the package, my little cat Emma zoomed in on the mousie toys. I don't know why she went crazy tearing up the packaging. I was thinking maybe it was spritzed with catnip.  I enjoyed watching her and neither I nor the hubby remembered to capture her joy at getting her mousie.  No video nor images, tsk!

Lookie here what I got:
2011_12_17 023
My loot - not including the cat toys.
2011_12_17 024
I fell head over heels with the artwork of the journal cover. I wonder if it's a copy of a famous painting, anyone knows?
2011_12_17 025
Fancy and whimsical is the design, love it.
2011_12_17 026
This I'm saving for Christmas!!!!

Thank you again, Kayni.


kayni said…
I'm so glad you like the presents. I also love the artwork on the journal. I got one for myself too, but I'm not sure if it is a copy from someone's artwork. Well, Happy Christmas!
Josiet said…
I am drooling at the chocolate =)

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!

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