He May Not Love Me After This Weekend

My husband that is.  You see I dragged him to watch BREAKING DAWN Part 1 on Sunday.  He knew we were going to eventually watch it you know.  And he was miserable the entire time.  He couldn't help but make snide remarks throughout the movie, which I don't blame him. I would have spouted the same remarks myself.  The movie was how can I put it mildly, well a waste of time.

But that didn't mean I didn't enjoy my time.  I love the characters.  May be more if I read the books, but even without knowing them thru the books I really embraced them.  I feel like I know them.

When the first movie came up, I was blindsided. I didn't know anything about the movie.  I didn't even bother to watch it on the big screen.  On DVD, I found the story appealing to not only teens but eternally romantics like I am.  So what if the characters are high school students. I  can totally relate to the boy 1 loves girl and girl loves boy 2 situation.  I also can relate to the torn between two lovers scenario.  So this really appealed to me.

So when the second movie came out, I dragged the hubby into the cinema for date night.  He was difficult but I promised him that this would be the only one of the series that we'd pay money to see.  But I lied.  Despite the fact that the second movie was boring, I was eager to see this one too. 

It took a lot of cajoling to get him to agree to see the movie.  Until know I really can't pinpoint what made him change his mind.  I'm guessing he said yes just to shut me up.  Like all husbands do, you know.

However, I must say that subjecting the husband to mushy chick flick about teens is bordering on torture.  I pity him and feel for him. 

But I have to be alert now and find ways to get him to see the Part 2 when it comes. My job is laid out before me. I must prepare. 


Josiet said…
Sneaky you! Hahaha! Goodluck with the next movie.
kayni said…
i can't get myself to like the twilight series. i can't stand vampires but that's because they give me nightmares. so funny you drag your husband to watch the movie...lol.

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