The Beginning of the End - But What a Beginning It Was

So fellow Losties, did the two-hour season premier slaked your eight-month Lost hunger? I sure hoped so. It was one heck of a return, if I may say so. I was thrilled that it was back and that I got hit left and right with WTF moments. I'm not one of those deeply involved fans that would dissect every single scene with precision of a Gil Grissom, but I liked the sideways flashforwards that the genius team of Cuse and Lindelof and Abrams has concocted for this final season.

While I don't really care too much if the questions were answered (really I could live with unanswered questions, I am that type of person), I really wished that at the final episode on May 23, 2010, they would tie up this pretty confusing package with a big red bow before they bow out to the standing ovation of devoted fans.

What I liked from the two-hour premier:
~ Seeing Boone, Claire and Charlie again was like reconnecting with old friends on facebook
~ Being confused by the introduction of sideways flashforward
~ Smoke monster + fake John Locke + Man in Black = same person (WTF)
~ Ben being befuddled - he's not that tough looking anymore
~ Poignant moment between dying Juliet and Sawyer [although I really didn't get on board with their hook up in the first place]

While I may dismiss all the unanswered questions that avid Losties lose sleep over, I have some questions to ask too:
~ Where is Shannon?
~ Do the passengers of Oceanic 815 remember anything about the crash?
~ Why was Desmond on the plane? (A universal question in Lost Universe)
~ Where are the rest of the passengers like Ana Lucia, Michael, Walt, etc?
~ Is the sideways flash forward a reboot as many ravid Losties wanted?

And so last night I was totally completely in Lost Nirvana. My poor harrassed husband couldn't help but utter, GROW UP, when I almost jumped out of my skin in excitement at certain scenes. I also monitored what fellow Losties were saying on facebook. Yep, I totally lost it last night.


The Scud said…
I only read the first 2 paragraphs. skipped the rest. haven't finished downloading the premiere episode. my isp sucks.

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