Another Weekend Gone By

It's Monday again and the oh-so-short weekend passed by quickly like always. Why does it go by so fast anyway? Sometimes, it doesn't even make waiting for it for five days worth it.

I've been meaning to blog this weekend, but aside from about 15 minutes where I posted this, I had no time with the computer at all. I loved to participate in some memes that run on weekends, but I simply cannot fulfill my bloghopping duties on this meme, so sadly I had to pass.

And speaking of time zooming by, this is the last week of February. Already!!!!
So what have I done this weekend aside from the house needing cleaning, the meals needing cooking, the dishes needed washing, the laundry needing ironing?

We went to dinner with an elderly couple that have treated my husband as their "good son" and me as their good son's wife. My husband has felt "responsibility" towards them too and I feel the need to go and visit them occasionally to see how they are doing, especially after a challenging last two years where both of them had some medical setbacks. Plus whenever they introduce us to their friends, we always get wide eyes and uneasy expression; after all my husband looks Indian (he's from Bangladesh) and I look Asian (from the Philippines) and the couple are both Caucasians.

The place we chose for dinner was a local restaurant serving Italian cuisine. It's been in the neighborhood, in a strip mall next to a fabric store and across from a dollar store, which made it a suspect to begin with. But Yelpers have voiced their approval and their dismay that its unfortunate location may have given many eaters second thoughts about going.

However, I have been wanting to go for ages and since husband and I are keeping a close watch on our pocketbook, we don't just eat out without plan and without budgeting it first. Luckily, this time around we had a reason to go. We promised the couple, our American parents, a dinner and this was the timing we have been waiting.

The dinner went really well. The portions were huge so we could all share. They were delicious too. Needless to say we were all stuffed and couldn't lift our butts off the chairs when dinner was over.

Serendipitously, this week was their wedding anniversary (they never celebrate, although this year marks #49), and the husband/dad is having his 75th this week too. So it became a celebratory dinner without meaning it to.

That's how the weekend went, a dinner, church, and housework. So how's your weekend?


josiet said…
That's soo nice of you to take them to dinner. I love talking to elderly people. They have so much to share, experience-wise =)

My weekend was tiring, busy but fun! =)

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