Should He or Shouldn't He?

To start, let me say I have not seen the video of Tiger Woods’ apology. I have heard snippets of it on the radio. Worry not; I have all the intentions of checking it out later tonight.

But I question the decision to come out and make a public mea culpa. Should he have asked for apology to the public? Which public did his “actions” hurt? Which part of the public did he intend the apology towards?

What was he sorry for? If it was unfaithfulness towards his wife – shouldn’t he have conducted this apology in private with the one he hurt? I am sure that he had come down on his knees before his wife. So why the need to do it publicly?

Is this action part of his eventual return to golfing? Does he want to clear his path so he could go back to being what he used to be in people’s eyes?

I get the need for elected public officials who have been caught with their pants down to make a public apology. Sure Tiger is a public figure, but not in the same category as those people the public elected. Hence, I don’t get this apology.

What do you think, should he or shouldn’t he? Or do you care at all?


Srivats said…
what he does in his personal life is for him to deal with, this media hoopla is expecting him to apologies and so he doesnot have a say , he needs to keep up his career at the end of the day.

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