Girls Night

This season of American Idol I aspire to write a post after every performance. I aim to list my favorite performance and the one that disappointed me. Disappointed me, not the weakest performance according to me, because after all who am I to judge a singing contest when I myself am tone deaf.

So I begin with tonight's show where the girls took to the stage and show America for the first time this season what they are about and what the public can look forward to in the coming shows.

Thankful for DVR, I managed to devote my full attention to AI without peeking at LOST (shocking!), but only because of DVR (grin).

The entire show (2 hours) was a bit boring for me. And I tuned in for the entire two hours, talk about devotion, shame on me!

So here is my thoughts of this show:

FAVORITE PERFOMANCE: Siobhan Magnus who did a Chris Isaac song. I liked everything about the performance from the song choice to her interpretation. Heck I even thought that flower on her hair was a nice touch.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NIGHT: Lacey Brown. What can I say, coming out of Hollywood round I thought she was the most exciting after hearing her sing What A Wonderful World. But tonight's performance - what is it that she sang again? - was not up to standards I thought. I hope she survives to sing another day, but if I were voting, I wouldn't vote for that performance.


Tonight also is the night the ladies figure skaters perform their short program. I only caught three performances - the one from USA (sorry forgot her name, but Japanese sounding), Mao Asada's of Japan and Yu-na Kim of South Korea. Yu-na is ahead of Mao with some 4 points. Unless Yu-ma makes major mistakes and not land any of her jumps in the long program, I thin it would be difficult to catch her. This is the Olympic games after all and golds are won and lost by less than a point, so 4 points is huge. But I can't wait to watch the long program.

So far, still my favorite figure skating event in the Olympics is at the 1998 Nagano Olympics where Tara Lipinski came from behind and scored an upset over heavily favored Michelle Kwan. Boy that was some dramatic outcome.


josiet said…
I love Siobhan's performance too. And I really like her. Too early to say she's my favorite but I think she is =)

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