I Blog For No Reason

I just wanted to acknowledge my husband's thoughtfulness last night. You see we separately went to church directly from our respective jobs. The Ash Wednesday service lasted one hour, prior to the service the priest asked me if I could clean up (the altar) after the Service because the one in-charge had attended the morning Service instead. And so I said, "Of course".

It was about half past eight when we got home and started to fix dinner. Sometime during the dinner husband asked if there was any American Idol on tv? I lost track of the days despite knowing it was Ash Wednesday. If it wasn't for his reminder I would have totally missed the show where they announced the rest of the top 24.

Now the excitement is on. I'm quite ready to see what's the short, spiky-haired girl is going to sing. I don't have any favorites yet, too early. Plus, I don't remember them and what they sang.
So I see a lot of channel surfing next week, particularly on Tuesday. I am hoping that AI and Lost would not overlap in timeslot.


josiet said…
I have no favorites yet. But I am with you with the spiky-haired girl. Can't wait to watch next week's show =)

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