2 Down 10 To Go

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Hah! It's the 29th day of February y'all. That means another month is coming to a close. That's 2 months gone from the 2012 lineup. Fast. Super fast isn't it?

Well, here's a recap of my February:

*** Attended a surprise b/day party for my niece organized by her hubby. It was at a Taiwanese restaurant in Berkeley. The place was not fancy you know so everyone was asking why this restaurant of all that Berkeley has to offer. Answer: they loved this place and used to come here after rounds of clubbing during their dating period. It was fun.

***Went on a 2d1n getaway in the wine country. Accommodation was superb in the middle of a vineyard, so nice.

***Ate at Food Channel's Guy Fieri's restaurant in Sta. Rosa called JOHNNY GARLIC's.

***Wonderful post Valentine's dinner at John Ash and Co.

***Wine tasting at Ferrari-Carano and Jackson-Kendall wineries.

***Attended planning retreat for church.

***Only one church meeting (?)

***Via Netflix watched the following movies: The Next 3 Days, The Expendables, Skyline, Bridesmaids, Contagion, Real Steel. They were all good, my least fave was Expendables.

***American Idol is back!!!!

***Called in sick one day.

***Had a procedure to remove skin tags.

***Booked Caribbean cruise for November. Friends who cruised with us in Mediterranean are coming too, yay!

I just found out through the radio that today, leap year, is historically a time/day where the woman can propose to a man and historically the man CANNOT refuse such proposal. Anybody else know this? I certainly don't. I wonder if women really take the initiative on this day.

It's leap year, leap day, go ahead JUMP for JOY!!!!


kayni said…
you did a lot. oh i'm jealous. i want to go cruising again.
Anonymous said…
busy month! i did not know you can propose today and not get dumped. sayang! nyahaha thanks for the buzz on blogspot. i tried commenting on one blog friend. pwede ako anonymous, pag wordpress ayaw pa din, damn. - PM
PEACHY said…
if the leap year trivia is true, then 4 years ago I kinda did it by giving him a peck on the cheek after he dropped me off my place, and that's the beginning of our relationship

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