Happy Valentine's Day

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To all who celebrate this occasion, Happy Valentine's Day to y ou.

I personally don't celebrate it, because I believe everyday is Valentine's Day when you have someone in your life.

I cannot remember a time when I received flowers or candies on Valentine's Day. That was okay. For a long time I was loveless, that was fine with me too.

Then I met my husband who like me didn't really see the importance of simply having one day to celebrate the day of the hearts. But that's just us. Okay? Do not take this to mean that we look down on people who do. Because we definitely tried to do the Valentine's thing a long time ago. We decided to go out to dinner on Heart's Day and because it was a spontaneous decision, we went to the restaurant without reservations and so we waited almost 2 hours to get seated. From the convenience factor alone, we tried from that moment on not to eat out on V-Day.

In our own little quirky way, we have always made a point to eat out either before or after Feb. 14, fooling ourselves into believing it isn't our Valentine's Day celebration. So you see, we may not be totally buying into the hype of the day (flowers, candies, gifts, etc), we do like to eat and so in our foodie ways we do the Heart's Day.

What is your most memorable Heart's Day ever? Wanna share?


Joyful said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you. I can't say I have a most memorable one as I like to show my love (and receive it) all throughout the year.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about your tour package to Costa Rica. I've bookmarked it for later use. Enjoy the rest of your day!
Jama said…
That's a very beautiful shot, I love it! I too don't celebrate V day, it has become too commercialized, for the benefit of traders. I don't need just one day to celebrate our love, that should be everyday!
Josiet said…
we did not go out as well. hubby and i are not really big on vday. and besides every thing just seem overpriced on that day. plus traffic is usually horrendous =)

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