Oh I'm busy. Going to be even busier. I cannot believe I have to schedule my movie-watching activity. It's funny how I never realized how my 2012 is shaping out to be a really hectic year, until my hubby asked if March 3 was good for us to watch a movie. Can you believe that? Penciling in an activity that should be done spontaneously? And before I could answer, I walked up to my calendar to check if I already have something penciled in for that day! Sad isn't it?

On second thoughts, it's good that my year is already scheduled; my calendar is littered with meetings. Oh yeah, I have to curb my bloghopping too. I'm trying to find a way to squeeze this in my daily schedule. So far, I'm so behind in my bloghopping. I'm even considering temporarily putting a hold on my "meme" blog.

In other news: 

I'm sure you're all aware that Whitney Houston has passed over the weekend.  I'm pretty saddened by this fact.  Not a fan of hers, but I love her songs.  Please note that my fave singers are very few.  These are the singers who I love regardless of what they sing.  I have a lot of songs I love; I love Michael Jackson's songs, but he's not my fave. You get it?

How I found out?  Well, it was like this.  I went to the spa after a 6-hour meeting. It's Saturday, I know.  You see how busy my schedule is.  So my facial went longer than I expected, which is really good.  The more pampering the better so when the aesthetician took longer in my treatment I simply did not complain.

I swung by my favorite take-out Mexican restaurant for a little burrito for mom and carne asada plato for hubby and I.  As I was driving away from the parking lot, I was listening to the radio and the announcer said what a sad day it is today with Whitney Houston passing.  I was shocked.  I went home and turned on the tv and scour the stations for a little news. 

Rest in peace, Whitney!

Oh by the way, while Europe is buried in snow, the USA is seasonably warm.  So warm here in Cali in fact that our spring flowering trees are abloom.  I know the picture is old, but our apple is blooming now just like that in the photo above.

And around the neighborhood we're seeing blooming trees in February.  Early even by Cali standards.


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