Year-End Report

2011 was a year of many ups and downs.  It was also the year of discontent.  Here's my report of how the year went for me personally:

  • Bought my very first DSLR - Pentax.  I love it.
  • Got a hybrid car.
  • Anniversary get-away was fantastic - wonderful hotel and fabulous food.
  • Cruise to Mexico - a haphazardly planned trip - turned out well.
  • Eco-tourism tour of Costa Rica - a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Hope to repeat visit someday.
  • Hubby's promotion.
  • The Big Bang Theory - kept me sane.
  • Eating out with friends.  Meeting new friends.
  • Church fundraising where I designed the flyer and the tickets.

  • Failed fertility treatment.
  • Out-patient surgery.
  • Many doctor visits and procedures.
  • Did not read a single book.
  • Did not clean out garage.
  • Lack of inspiration.

In the previous years I have stayed away from making New Year's resolutions because I know for a fact that I have no inclination to follow them. 

This year I am writing down goals for this new year in the hope that with goals I will have the drive to achieve them. 

  • Complete pending "hobby" projects, i.e. cross stitch project and photo book project.
  • Learn how to knit.
  • Start baking more.
  • Find a way to make money from my passion - photography.
  • Learn to swim.
  • Clean out the garage.
  • Find a new hobby.
  • Start making to-do lists.
  • Unclutter.
  • Send Christmas cards again - I got feedback from FB that my friends who used to get regular cards from me missed my Christmas cards. 
  • Take long drives and short trips - so good for the soul.
So very hopeful at this start of the new year.  Let's see how the situation is by December.


scudinreallife said…
Learn to swim! That's one of my goals too. I love the beach and have rode bangkas to remote islands but I don't know how to swim. haha.
Hi There, From what I've seen of your photography, it's wonderful... Good Luck trying to make money... I'm sure you will do well...

What hybrid do you have? We have a Prius and have had it since 2004. LOVE it --and when it dies, we'll definitely get another Prius.

I love getting and sending Christmas cards... I was surprised that we got more this year than we did last year. SO---people still enjoy it!! That is GOOD.

Hope 2012 is GREAT for you.
prinsesamusang said…
i have been trying to leave a comment on this post since yesterday but i get errors. hopefully this goes through.

i wish you well on your goals. last year was not so bad and i know the disappointments would resolve themselves eventually. good luck with meeting your goals. would love to see what comes out of your oven. as for reading, let us read together!

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