This is how I began my Monday. After a restless sleep (feeling fluish and coughing all Sunday), I decided to dress nicer than usual and wore my white tunic shirt I got from Turkey as a souvenir. My mom commented I look nice in my "barong tagalog like" shirt :)

And then I splashed coffee over my white shirt, just a few yards from my driveway. You see I eat my breakfast on the go. Today it's nuttela sandwich and coffee. My usual routine.

Monday started with coffee stains all over the front of my white shirt.

I vow never to let small things bother me. So I'm wearing a lab coat today to hide the stains that didn't come out when I tried to wash it out in the bathroom upon arriving at work.

I'm also looking at my window today and all that is outside is gray gloomy sky. Rather than get me down, I posted a picture of blue skies. Today and this year, I'd rather see blue skies and find love in everything.

Never sweat the small things.


thescud said…
good vibes always. a smile on the face makes the world a better place. :D
BlogusVox said…
Like me. When something upsets me, I think of happy places and memories. Para bang kantang "My Favorite Things" ni Julie Andrews sa "The Sound of Music. : )

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