I Got Dragged

Before the 3-day NY holiday weekend was over, I got dragged to see Tom Cruise's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie.  It is I believe my husband's idea of a revenge at his being tortured to seeing BREAKING DAWN.  Only I fully enjoyed the movie, despite my dislike of Tom Cruise.  Don't ask.  He just rubs me the wrong way, I guess.

Moreover, I find the movie well made.  There is some loopholes in the storyline of course.  The most obvious would be that the codes would be still on paper.  In this day and age of advanced technology, the transfer of dangerous codes would be written on paper baffles me.  Really?  Even us ordinary people, don't we just digitally transfer information with each other?  We don't print out stuff anymore.

Regardless of that, I find the global locations very interesting.  I've seen the trailer of the movie but never realized that they went to Mumbai.

Another pleasant surprise is the inclusion of LOST's Sawyer, Josh Holloway who played the fallen agent at the beginning of the movie.  Really appreciated seeing his handsome mug in the big screen.  He could totally do this kind of movies.  I hope he gets more movies like this.

There was humor too.  And I didn't got bored.  There's always something going on.  No spot for a little loo break, not that I needed one.

So far the first movie I've seen in 2012 is a big hit, a two-thumbs up success!!!!


prinsesamusang said…
i heard a lot about this movie. this was the number one in the box office holiday weekend right? i don't want to see it but i will catch it as a treat for my man. i mentioned in my 2012 list i'd be nicer to him right? lol. i have not watched breaking dawn. maybe the second installment i will. it's funny how you mentioned MI is your husband's revenge!
Carver said…
I've heard that it was good although I haven't seen it yet.

Regarding your question, no snow here yet. Last winter it snowed several times in December and January but not a drop so far this winter.

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