One Down, Eleven To Go

I know January done already?  Crazy fast right?  Let me see if I could recap the month that was.
  • Went to dinner at Villa Romano in Napa - great food and wonderful company.
  • Attended 3 church meetings.
  • Watched football at Heather's and Robert's.
  • Hosted viewing party for the NFC game.
  • Went to the annual company party that my husband's company throws every January.  
  • CNY dinner at Tammy's and Quyen.  The best Vietnamese food is at Tammy's table - hands down.
  • Emma got a cold, boo hoo.  Was worried sick.
  • Had spring-like weather 80% of the month.
  • Started to read 2 books, didn't get past chapter 1 on either of them.  
I'm looking forward to a February that will bring in some rain out here and snow up there.  A February that would inspire me to read.  A February that would give me some relief from "pain". 

Here's hoping you have a February to remember. 


kayni said…
let us let go of the pain and think good thoughts for February :). hugs.
Josiet said…
Yep, January went by so fast. Now, am looking forward another fast Feb lol!

Have a great day!

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