Weekly Posting?


It definitely was beach weather around here. Saturday was 94 and Sunday was more of the same, a few degrees off. It was hot.

That explains why I have taken to ignoring this blog. There is just too many things to do outside. And not all play stuff. We did some work stuff too - chores.

We have been busy with installing drip system - irrigation - in our garden to limit the wasteful use of water. We're almost done.

On Saturday we have volunteered to clean up the coast in the annual Coastal Cleanup. Among the weird trash we collected were pillow cases. I don't know who brings white pillow cases to the beach/coastal area.

My husband surprised me with a little stop at a Japanese/sushi restaurant that we've been eyeing for about a month now. We were very curious as to the quality of their sushi, because the restaurant has been in that location for as long as I can remember - 17 years according to the lady who works there - so the food must be good. And I'm happy to report that I found my future regular stop for sushi that's so close to home. And I'm telling people to go and check them out. That was fun.

Sunday was my lazy day. Hubs and I planned it to be lazy day. Woke up at 12 noon and had "heavy" breakfast - eggs and hash brown - and plastered our faces onto the tv screen. The Giants were playing so I was enjoying this September game.

It was about 3 pm when we both decided to get out of the house. The house was so comfortable even without air conditioning. But once we got out the door, holy cow, twas hot. However, the need to be out outweighed our inconvenience. We have elderly friends, the husband had some medical emergency a week ago and now attached to his 02 tank. We volunteered to get their groceries and deliver it to them. Visiting them and doing their chore at the same time.

That's about how we spent our weekend. Next weekend my little nephew is turning one and I offered to make a dish. The boys loved my chicken wings so I am making that. Who doesn't love chicken wings anyway.

I'll try to come up with something to say here. In the mean time, let me finish my lunch.


mumsified said…
I love lazy weekend too. The kind where I stay up late. Unfortunately, however late I sleep the previous night, I always wake up at 6am the next morning. Drat! Hehe.

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