Six Pack

It's Six Pack time again. I failed to do a six pack last week. But here I am now.

Six Firsts:

1. FIRST ADVICE GOTTEN HERE IN US - To keep an overnight bag in the trunk of my car just in case I had to spend the night elsewhere. Now this advice while well meaning and was given by a blood relative was totally off. Spontaneously spending the night elsewhere just isn't my style.

2. FIRST CAR: HONDA CIVIC. I loved that car. It was a base model, did not have AC, had manual windows. I took it everywhere. I wasn't ready to replace it, despite consistent queries from brothers asking when I was going to retire my then 10-year-old car. I wasn't really going to buy another one or swap it, but I figured in a fender bender that wreck the car. I had to get a new car because my insurance company said it would be cheaper to give me the blue book value of the car than to have it fixed :(

3. FIRST MOVIE I'VE SEEN ON THE THEATER (USA): Sleepless in Seattle. Not only do I love that movie but it being my first movie seen here, it has a sentimental value as well.

4. FIRST COUNTRY I VISITED/SEEN OUTSIDE OF PI AND USA: Canada. Loved it instantly. Second was Singapore, loved it even more.

5. FIRST PIECE OF MEMORY I CAN REMEMBER: Looking out the window seeing a funeral procession. My folks told me that I was little when my g'ma died. This must have been that memory. I didn't go to the funeral.

6. FIRST BLOG: I first blogged on Friendster. I can't remember what I called my blog. I backed up the contents of my blog. It's somewhere in my pc. I should see what I was writing back in the day.

Out here in the US, we will have a long weekend in connection with Labor Day, which is Monday, Sept. 6. I still feel weird about Labor Day being celebrated in Sept when the rest of the world celebrates it May first. Anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone.


arabesque said…
hi p.c,
i was going to visit ewok but somehow ended up here, hence, reading your ramblings. ^0^
i love the idea of 6packs and i think i have to do my own version too!
anyways, i hope you enjoy your loong weekend. ^^
atticus said…
would be nice to see the history waiting to be rediscovered in your old pc. halungkatin na!
mumsified said…
I also first blogged on friendster =)

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