Synchronized Dreaming

Okay I made up that word, synchronized dreaming.  But its the only word I can find to describe the phenomenon. 

Have you dreamed the same dream on the same night/same time with someone else?

I have.  TWICE.  The first one was last year.  Both me and my husband dreamed on the same night that we were on a cruise.  Well, in his dream he was on a cruise.  I was on a cruise in my dream too.  Neither of us appeared in each other's dream, however.

And towards the end of last year, we took one major once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the Mediterranean.  Three long weeks of vacation in Europe!!!!!

Last Sunday when we woke up late - because it's our lazy weekend, read post below - I told him I had a dream.  Quickly he added he also had a dream.  He doesn't dream often.  Or at least he doesn't remember having a dream often.  Or else he doesn't tell me about his dreams often.  Make your pick.

Still this one he told me.  He said he was in Germany, Berlin I believe.  My dream that night also I was floating (I hope recreationally) somewhere in Germany, Berlin I believe as well.  Now, I am not particularly knowledgeable about Germany and its landscape/topography.  I wouldn't know if there is a river big enough for cruise ships in Berlin.

So if I apply the same principles that happen in our first synchronized dreaming, I'd assume we'd soon be touring Germany right?

Keeping my fingers crossed :)


the scud said…
wow. soulmates nga kayo ng husband mo. nice. :D
mumsified said…
cool!!! malamang punta nga kayo ng germany, hehe.

have a nice weekend!
witsandnuts said…
If you can dream about it, it can happen! Seriously, that synchronized dreaming was interesting.
carlos said…
I just had a synch dream with my gf, how strange. Do you everlook for more info of this phenomenon??

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