Fall TV Schedule

Here it is, I'm rolling out my 2010 Fall TV schedule. This only covers network tv - haven't checked the cable schedule yet.


8:00 House.
I saw it's premier episode last night and it didn't hold my attention as it did in previous years. On it's 7th season, I don't think I would be hellbent on watching this every single time. A DVR must I would think for now. I don't think the show has just enough legs to last this season, unless of course something major comes up with the plot.

10:00 Castle.
My favorite new show last season. Conflicts big time with my daily devotion schedule. Last night's premier is on the DVR, might see it tonight if there isn't anything lovely to see.


8:00 No Ordinary Family.
A new show that intrigues me. The plot is: the Powells a typical American family who gained powers/abilities after their plane crash. Sci-fi on ABC? Yes, why not, after Lost there isn't one on tv about plane crash. Hope I like it. Will check it out tonight.

10:00 The Good Wife.
Another favorite from last year. I'm sure the writing will be good again. I plead no new characters. The bane of these promising tv shows is that they keep adding characters that muddle the plot.



9:00 Grey's Anatomy.
I feel a sense of loyalty to this little show I discovered 6 years ago. And while I was dismayed at all these characters being added to the core cast, I held my ground and continued to earmark my Thursday nights to see the characters swap kissing partners, etc. But with the explosive finale last season that saw a few of the characters being killed, I think the creator/writer has sensed that the show only needed core characters.

10:00 Mentalist.
This is on the list, but I may not be able to tune in. I like this show, about another cop procedural show, however, this one's based in Sacramento. And Simon Baker is such an eye candy.





9:00 Desperate Housewives.
I have no strong desire to follow this show faithfully, but what else is there to do on Sunday but relax and get ready for work the next day.

10:00 Brothers and Sisters.
I am hoping good writing this year. I still feel loyal to this show.

Looks like I have plenty of time to blog this fall. And tonight I may have to watch Glee as well since Filipino sensation Charice is set to guest star.


mumsified said…
No TV for me. But when there was still TFC here, I used to watch The Buzz, haha!!

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