Summer Has Finally Arrived

Yap no kidding.

This week we're seeing three days in a row of 80+ temps. Finally some summer around this area.

Not that I'm crazy about hot weather. Not that. But a lot of people living around these parts are groaning about our exceptionally cool summer. It's about time they had their hot weather, doncha think. After all, I had my way with cool weather for most of the summer.

And while we're on the subject of wonderful summer days ahead, this past weekeend was a glorious sun drenched upper 70s in Sonoma Valley where I found myself tagging along hubby and his cohorts, er co-workers on a day of wine tasting.

The day was glorious, never mind that we were late in meeting up with the group because of the horrible traffic jam. We were guessing it's the race in Sonoma that caused the logjam, but this is the Bay Area where there's a traffic jam anytime, rain, shine, fog, mist, or smog. So, who knew really why the crowded streets.

Anyway, we met up with the group in Chateau La Jean and tasted a few varieties, none of which made an impression to my discerning palate (yikes!). Or my frame of mind was more on the photo taking rather than wine tasting.

Our second stop was Blackstone, a little smaller than the first one and the tasting room did not provide samples of dips and gourmet olive oil and gourmet vinegar, etc. But there was one red that I completely enjoyed - except for the price. At $17 a bottle, it was more than what I really am prepared to pay for my wine. But a good experience.

It's funny how when the lady giving the tasting ask our group where we were from and we almost in unison said, across the bridge, she didn't seem to understand that a group of over 10 people - relatively young and Asian looking - would be spending a lovely day wine tasting. We all said we just love to drink :)

It was around 2 pm when we left Blackstone and headed out to a deli a few blocks away - a deli I've been before and was not wowed by the food. We begged off and told the group we'd be on our way as we intended to attend Sebastopol's Apple Harvest Festival. We drove some 20 minutes and found out that we missed the festival by one week :) so we drove back home and ended up hungry in this hole in the wall combination of grocery and Mexican restaurant called Pepito's Mexicatessens. Clever naming isn't it?

The food was superb and well seasoned. I simply found another favorite spot.

Sunday was church and lazing around the house watching some tv and doing a lot of surfing - while Emma did a lot of sleeping. That cat can sleep for 24 hours if you'd let her.

All in all, twas a lovely weekend.


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