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Once upon a time in another blog I posted a weekly post I called Six Pack. It's a list of 6 of whatever I wanted to post. That ended when that blog became a meme blog. I toyed with the idea of picking up where I left off with regards to jotting down six of something every week. And after months of considerations, I finally found myself reviving this post.

So here's my Six Pack for this week:

Six movies that got my attention:
  1. The Sixth Sense - the quintessential curve ball at the end of the movie when it was revealed that the Bruce Willis character was a ghost. Come on now tell me if any one ever thought, ever guessed, ever imagined he was a ghost! I don't think so.
  2. LOTR Trilogy - just the mere scale of how Peter Jackson told this Tolkien saga was jaw-droppingly amazing. Add the perfect casting that made the characters come alive on the big screen - perfection.
  3. Little Miss Sunshine - a delightful storytelling of an ordinary family. I can't stop laughing while watching this. Great cast, fabulous acting.
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - laughfest. Funny to the max. It's one of my favorites and I don't tire of watching it over and over.
  5. Harry Potter - what can I say? I love the characters, the way the story is told, the CGI is fantastic and the humanity of the main characters. The first one is still my favorite
  6. Inception - what a well made movie this one is. I find that when you watch it intently from the beginning, there is no confusion at all. I love how the director told the story, how masterful was Leo's acting [can't believe he turned out to be such a good actor] and how the supporting characters were all magnificent in their portrayal. And oh, I also love the subject matter.


mumsified said…
I'd love to watch Inception. Been reading great reviews about this movie.
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