Post B/day Ramblings


Two posts down I mentioned my birthday wishes. Wishes that I knew wouldn't happen, materialize or be fulfilled. It's still nice to jot them down, in case I'll find myself with enough extra cash to splurge on myself.

What you should know is that my husband and I made a pact when we got married that we will refrain from giving each other gifts on our b/days, Christmas, anniversary, and Valentines.

Instead, we will plan a get-away or a vacation, or go out on a day out with meal and movie included.

That way we both can enjoy the day. We both thought that anything material will be another clutter to add to the ones already gathering dust in the house. Don't you agree.

Although, a month before my b/day, we went to a one-week getaway in Cancun, which we both agreed is my birthday treat this year.

However, we also picked up another point and shoot (still no budget for Canon) that would be good for photographing food. You see we have been frustrated with our cameras. They take lousy food pics and the subdued lighting in restaurants don't help any. I wonder how the photobloggers take those lovely food pics.

I had a three-day b/day weekend! On Friday, which was the b/day, we went out for a day long drive to the Sonoma Coast and visited Fort Ross and Salt Point State Park, enjoyed the waves at Grestle Cove where the tide pools were a joy to watch and photograph. Also went to hike Anderson Redwoods State Park - imagine hitting three state parks in one day. That was lovely and a stop at Cafe Bazaar for a quick caffeine jolt.

We didn't need any other sustenance because earlier that day we had a heavy filling breakfast at Sukie's a local dive next town that's been there forever.

And on Sunday, we took in a movie "Inception", which was a fantastic movie. I will try to create a review of sorts on this movie.

Additionally, my sushi craving was satisfied with a meal at Happy Sashimi, another local fave, although their prices are a bit on the high side, but the quality of sushi, sashimi and especially the Hennessey chocolate mocha mousse for dessert were the best.

Thank you, I had the best time. I am tired though. I could use another three-day weekend just to recuperate.


witsandnuts said…
Hey, belated happy birthday!

As for the camera, most of the time I use my point and shoot (Canon Powershot). dSLR is heavy. :(
Pam said…
I agree, we would rather have a getaway than a gift also. Glad you enjoy yours.

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