And so the stage is set for next week's AI finale. Are you like me, did you get thrown a curve ball by the results? Okay, as much as I have been a vocal supporter of the talent that is ADAM LAMBERT, I was shocked that it was GOKEY who had to go. I always thought that Adam's gothic character is not for everyone and that not all appreciated his uniqueness, so I always believed that his talent will get him thru this far, but would not see the finale (such faith ha). Hey, I did expect KRIS ALLEN to be in the finals. Yap, I believed there is always a twist to the cast of the FINAL TWO. I guess, that's it then. Next week we get to see the coronation of ADAM LAMBERT as the next AI. Bold prediction for someone who doesn't cast a single vote.
Oh Juliet my Juliet, it is YOU who they killed off. Wait a minute, this is LOST, the ones who died have been resurrected so I wouldnt put it past these genuises behind LOST that Juliet may not really be dead afterall, say in 30 years or something :). But what a season finale it was. I still need to see it one more time to fully grasp what's going on, what happened, what, what, what. It's really hard to follow especially with LOST when I'm flipping channels between LOST and AI. Just a request, network execs could you not put their timeslot against each other please.
I tell you this is the Steroid Age of Baseball. Please don't be surprised if another one gets uncovered as a user/former user. I wonder if these users are Hall of Fame-bound, whaddya all think?
More finales to come, two that I am most interested in. First, Grey's Anatomy tonight. I hope they don't kill off Izzie, despite all the stuff that the actor playing the character had said about the writers of the show. Keep Izzie alive.

Second and most important, it's the series finale for PRISON BREAK. Where can I find some spoilers? Not that I'd really seek out to find them, but I wonder how they are finally going to end this journey of the brothers. I want a wedding scene for Mi-Sa. I can't wait for Friday night.


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