On Saturday, my husband persuaded me (gave me no choice, that's what it was) to tag along as he oversaw the inspection of the house, which lasted about 2 to 2.5 hours. Plenty of things we both learned, which will be really helpful in our future plans.

A visit to the Parkers quickly followed after the inspection. I didn't realize that the Mister is back home after a year in a rehab facility, where we used to visit him. But I was glad. The Misis who still is not 100% healthwise was not as enthusiastic about the Mister's return as I was. Understandably so, it is really hard to take care of someone when you yourself is feeling lousy and is in constant pain. The good news was that the Mister was in his element, his brain was functioning, he was cognizant of what we were discussing and was able to hand out wise advise about something my husband needed guidance with. It's always nice to be with them. In the past before their health scares, they were always bickering (like any old couple do in front of other people) about everything, which I thought was very cute. Now it's like they have really lost a lot of their zest for life. Anyway, once summer comes and everything is warm, I'm sure their mood and health would perk up too.

Their house also makes me feel so at home each time I come for a visit. It must be the eclectic design; the mishmash of original artwork from paintings to stitching to quilts and dreamcatchers scattered everywhere on the walls, in the cabinets, on top of the tv bureau, on the bathroom door, by the mantle, everywhere there is art. Misis has creative hands, has taught quilting, and participates in local art festivals. And there are cookbooks all over the house too. I love the lived in feel of it. I also love the floor plan and the view is worth million dollars. When the sun comes down and the lights go on, their living room and dining room view is that of the bay awash in bright lights, unbelievably stunning, like jewels inside a dark cave. I wish I could buy this house someday; but there is one thing that is missing, a substantial backyard for hubby's future vegetable garden or for my flowering plots.

On Sunday hubs and I planned on taking mom to church at 10 am then straight to SF Chinatown for some dimsum and then some (old joke I know). But we missed the 10 am mass, which meant we had to take the 10:30 am mass at another church. Midway through the mass, I spotted my brother's family inside the church. After the service and the hugs and kisses and greetings of happy mother's day, they invited us to join them for lunch. I politely declined. They asked hubs, he declined as well. It was mother's decision that mattered because she was the mother and it was her day, she said yes. We had a nice meal with the family.

When lunch was over, we hurried home. Both hubs and I were really tired and sleepy. He began to read the papers in bed while I blogged (activity of choice each single free time I have). After some time, it was time to visit our other "parents". They said they missed us and asked what took us so long to see them again. Of course they were well aware of what's been keeping us from coming over, but they still want to get the whole story straight from us.

I was expecting to go home with lemons (their backyard is filled with fruit trees), but surprisingly the lemon trees were without fruits. The loquat (is that how it's spelled?) however is rife with fruits. I've been coming here for years and have not seen this mature tree, nor did I notice in the past that it bore fruits. Loquat is good, tart, but good. I love it.

The remaining part of the Sunday was spent in Home Depot checking out chandeliers, paints, carpets, doors, everything and anything.

We closed the weekend with Desperate Housewife and Brothers and Sisters.

I hope the next weekend will afford me time to finally get to the loads and loads of ironing that's been set on the side for a couple of weeks now. However, tentative plans for the weekend include Yosemite. I think my clothes will remain wrinkled for another week.


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