Just gotten back from visiting with my friends whose husband recently got back from a month-long trip to China, HK, and the Philippines. So, you know what happens when someone just got back from a trip, we viewed his photos from these countries. He gushed about the beauty of Cebu and Davao, and marveled us with his surprisingly great captures. I was drooling with envy. I am the Filipino here and I haven't even seen that part of my country. Shame on me. I really must start considering a visit to my homeland, a visit that my husband is expecting for years now.

Has anybody seen the Pacquiao-Hatton fight? I think I have seen all of the two rounds via ESPN news. Oh I don't envy those who ordered the fight. They didn't get their money's worth, I thought. Anyway, the results was to my liking. He's really good, isn't he?

I wrote about my short NY trip here and here. Needless to say, what little time I spent there I enjoyed it. It's not a place I would consider living permanently (too rushed for my taste), but an exciting place to visit. I may return some day to hit the other places I had no time to see on this trip.

About the wedding, it was a wonderful ceremony. The bride looked gorgeous. The groom looked regal. And the people (friends and family) were very nice and treated me and my husband with unrivaled hospitality. And I know that we made friends for life. I just don't know when we will see them again.

So when I got back from the NY trip, I found myself busy at work. Not with work related stuff, but with the baby shower we were throwing for a co-worker. Anyway, it went well, thankfully, as any potlucks we have at work.

Before I end this post, I need to say what a lousy result day it was last week for me when Adam Lambert landed in the bottom two. Really?


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