Finally, the end has come. A new Idol was crowned. And the 2-hour extravaganza known as the Idol Finale results show featured both wow and boo moments.

WOW: Adam Lambert and Kiss. I totally agree with people who write for a living regarding Adam trying to bring back the metal rock. I am not a metal rock fan nor was I in the know during the Kiss reign of musicdom, but the performance last night was fantastic.

BOO: No solo for Anoop Desai. Not even a duet with some personality. Singing with another female Idol top 13 contestant (sorry cant remember her name) and Jason Mraz does not count. Also wanting a solo from Matt Giraud.

BOO: Idol special awards. Did not want to see that again. Ever. Did not want see bikini girl again. But that thing with Kara singing and disrobing (okay just a peek) was both a surprise and a hoot. Love the bravado of that girl Kara.

WOW: Really enjoyed the bluegrass of Megan and whats-his-name being accompanied by banjo playing Steve Martin who also penned the song. Maybe Megan should do blue grass.

WOW: Season 7 Idol David Cook singing. Love that boy. Enough said.

BOO: The group songs. Usually this is my fave part, not this year. And that includes the girls with Fergie.

WOW: Cyndi Lauper and Allison Iraheta. If you saw the show you know why. If you didn't go find it on You Tube it's bound to be there.

BOO: Mainly becasue I wanted to see him with last year's winner on last year's results show, Lionel Richie and Gokey.

WOW: Queen with the top 2. How very cool is that?????Totally outrageous!!!!!

Now to the results. I knew who won before the show even started to be shown here in the West Coast. That's what you get when they delay the showing here, all over the cyberspace the winner is announced. While I may have felt a tinge of disappointment, my husband was sure that Kris Allen was going to win. He gave me some reasons as to why he reached that conclusion. I just wasn't listening. Nor was I interested in hearing it. I guess I thought everyone was like me embracing the uniqueness of Adams' personality and enjoying his extensive range and talent. Oh well, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson have shown that it doesn't take an Idol trophy to make it big time. I'm sure that Adam is going to fly high in his career. Can't wait to hear his first single.

And btw, that winning song, No Boundaries, sucks big time.

Before I end this post, I would like to list down my three favorite performances during the finale since the time I started watching AI, which was on Season 4 (Carrie-Bo season).

  • Bo with Lynyrd Skynyrd doing the South's anthem, Sweet Home Alabama.

  • David Cook with ZZ Top doing Sharp Dressed Man.

  • Adam Lambert with Kiss last night, amazing!

P.S. Thank God for Blogger saving my post. I accidentally exited the screen without saving and I was freaking out, but thankfully Blogger is autosaving the posts. Thanks Blogger!


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