February Breakdown

This is looking more like a monthly breakdown blog. Anyhow, here's what has transpired in the second month of the year.


The rainy stormy season continues. The sky kept pouring in wet blessings causing major flooding. Potholes, sink holes, downed trees, urban flooding, some of the things awaiting the commute. It's been great having this very wet winter but the damage has been tremendous as well. Add the strong wind gusts, oh my lordy. My house was shaking from the howling wind last night, giving me a bit of apprehension. Thankfully except for 3 Mediterranean cypress trees on the front side of the yard, we don't have any other trees that would be a major concern for falling into the house. Plus the husband says that cypress don't really fall down. Okay!


Nothing has been accomplished. My projects remain sitting where I left them. However, I have finally made a home made face mask, the recipe of which I found online. Easy peasy and feels effective too.

The newest member of our extended family turned one several days ago and so that was exciting. She slept a good portion of the party and so people come over and touch her while she slept. Some people even left before they could get a picture with the birthday girl.


Our birthday dinner group had a fabulous time at an Irish pub one Thursday night. The food was great and in large portion so the sharing was awesome, the drinks were good, but the company was incredible. Must have been one of our best dinner outings so far. We have a group of friends that go out and celebrate a birthday and this month, 2 of our friends were co-celebrant.

My dorm mate in college and her family and the two of us went on a short 3-night cruise recently. Nonstop chatting. We hope we'd be able to do something similar with a larger group when we decide to have a dorm reunion since many of us who lived in that dorm reside here now.


Only the short cruise to Ensenada, Baja Mexico. Otherwise, we're staying at home and cannot even go out that much because of rain.


Our company got access to Hardwear Mountain, the employees store and so the minute I got the email from my company we went to their store. I'm not much into outdoors and sports and hiking, but the selection of clothing and shoes were incredible. Some caught my eye. Hubby spotted a pants that I was looking for in like forever and so he wanted to get it for me, I was on the fence about it until the very last minute. What I was sure to get was this sandals that I always thought cool, but couldn't find anything of the sort that I liked until that day so it was a good $20 purchase. I can use it for traveling and camping.


Still struggling to get healthy and have a good workout regimen. Husband scored a second-hand pilates machine. We will set it up tonight and I cannot wait to make full use of it. I am really unhappy about my weight and I need to have the discipline I need to cut down the weight and eat healthy and move.


Via redbox, I saw THE GIRL IN THE TRAIN and THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS. Love them both.

Hopefully, something exciting will come up in March and my mood will be pleasant like spring time.


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