March Breakdown


March is a transition month. Historically personally March is a quiet month. Nothing happens in my March. Mom's birthday is historically the highlight of this month. Of course this 2017 version is no different than all the other March that passed. There was a wonderful bonus to Mom's birthday this year. We finally got to meet my cousins face to face. I knew of their existence. I love their parents and while we have had relationships with their parents, we never really knew them. It was such a pity that we never connected before this year. We have such a close blood relationship. Not only are our dads brothers, they look so much alike that there is no denying they are brothers. So two of my cousins came, two girls and a cousin-in-law - the wife of their brother. They live in Texas and have jumped on the plane for a short weekend visit to the city by the bay. Great timing too because they chose the weekend when we were celebrating mom's birthday and so they were able to meet practically the entire family. The reservation for the buffet restaurant went as high as 40 people. We are a big family.

On the work front, all's well. Busy as can be. Boring sometimes. Although with the change in weather, I caught a bug. I had colds and the cough stayed on and transferred to the husband.

Went out for a night out with girlfriends on a Monday night. We needed it to just breathe. You know, life happens and we need to exhale sometimes.

Managed to go to the cinema this month for LOGAN. What a really nice movie. I hope there will be more movies that would include Wolverine even though he died in this one.

In a week's time, I will be traveling. To say that I'm excited is a bit of an understatement. I do hope that in addition to documenting the trip via notes and photos, I also make time to be IN THE MOMENT. I feel that in the past trips I was more concerned of taking photos to feed the blog than to enjoy the place in the moment I was there. That would be my goal this year. In addition, there's another country we are going to visit for a brief time. It's a return to one of my favorite cities in the world and I'm already tingling with anticipation.


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