January Breakdown

So here's a little breakdown of what transpired in the first month of 2017.


So much rain that the 3-year-drought in NorCal has been eliminated in one winter and flooding occurred in low-lying areas affecting so many residents.


Finally got the awning over the main door erected. Dear friend made the plans and hubby got the permit from the city and somehow also managed to find a contractor to build it. I love it, now we don’t get soaked while trying to get inside.


Early in the month we hosted the now becoming an annual tradition of getting together with husband’s former co-workers. It was well attended as usual and lots of good eats. A friend brought a gigantic red bottle of wine that we made into a few batches of sangria.

A friend took us with her on her house-hunting trip. I love house-hunting and hopefully she’ll get the condo she wants at a price she is willing to pay. You know everything here is so expensive.

Went to another friend’s house for takeout Lao food and pre-trip meeting of sorts. I love her house. I was sick when she had her housewarming last year and so I didn’t get to see it, but boy it is like a house out of the pages of a magazine. Not fancy. Cozy as a matter of fact and quite in the minimalist side, but has the feel of a lived-in house and the dog is just a bonus too.

Another tradition that lives on, a New Year’s Day lunch/dinner with a couple of elderly friends of ours. This time around we took them to Troy – a Greek restaurant in Solano Avenue. The couple enjoyed the food so much especially the woman, a vegetarian, found plenty of yummy options for her on the menu.


A canceled trip to Lake Tahoe for some snow fun due to inclement weather. Unfortunately the resort could only reschedule us in June – beggars can’t be choosers after all it is a voucher for a free 3-night stay. So no trips this January.


I was killing time at Marshall’s after work one day before meeting up with the hubby to go to a friend’s house for Lao dinner (see above) when I saw this cute little notebook with a travel motif. I was at the store for a good solid hour and was able to resist temptation on clothes and makeup and bags and other goodies, but not the notebook. I simply had to have it. I’m hiding it because I have plenty of notebooks in my drawer right now and the last thing I need is another notebook/journal. It’s not going to make the hubby happy with unnecessary purchases.

Another random thing, Vista Print was having a sale so I went and made a little postcard of Buster, my cat, 50 pieces for $4.99 + shipping. Now I am realizing that is a lot of postcard, so expect to get one from me.


I am not really happy with January historically, probably a down from the highs of the Holiday Season. This year though, very busy and quite stressful work-wise and no trips can make the spirit sag more than usual.

Struggling to get healthy with exercise and eating the right food and getting enough rest, that means sleep. I think I will continue the struggle; I need to buckle up and work hard on this.


Rogue One in the theater. I am not a fan of Star Wars but I had to go because hubby wants to see it. He’s not a crazy fan either, but he wanted to go so we went. I’d rather we went to see SING. I heard good things about it and the trailer was entertaining.

Finding Dory on Red Box. Not as entertaining as FINDING NEMO. I’m keeping an eye out of THE GIRL IN THE TRAIN. I wonder if it’s out on Red Box yet.

This is all for January. Hopefully, February will be more fun so I can blog more often.


Andrea said…
Oh, this blog is very active too. I really envy you for being so diligent in posting in all your blogsites. And i still don't know till now what your real job is, hehe. Can you pm it to me at FB? Thanks and happy shooting.

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