What's been happening?

What's been happening?

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed. It felt like I've got too many balls up in the air, and I could hardly juggle my way into it. However, I decided to step back and see the situation minus my emotions. It couldn't have been that hectic if I could still sit for a whole hour to watch my favorite tv show (well all of them at different times) or even unwind by playing computer games. I'm glad I took a little breather and stepped back so I could see things clearly.

The past several days I've been dreaming weird dreams. For 3 consecutive nights, I dreamed I was inserted in tv shows/movies. The characters were there and so was I. There was one night that I woke up exhausted because it was one of those slasher movies. I shy away from this type of movies, but I'm familiar with this one. The other 2 nights I dreamed my self was in two different tv shows from Syfy. Weird. And tiring. I really need good sleep.

Organized the first Bingo Night at church over the weekend, which was successful. I don't know when's the next one because Bingo is part of the Monthly Activity Program and Bingo would have to wait in rotation with Movie Night and Game Night.

On my to-do list:
• fix skirts by hemming in new ribbons (still need to buy ribbons at fabric store)
• get jewelry fixed. need my pearl necklace restrung. got two pearl necklaces that need this fix. may be I can do it.
• collect all dust-gathering fiction books in the house and donate them in the library. also must take all magazines to hospital/clinic waiting rooms.
• find an easy chocolate treat to make for our church's fundraiser in June called Chocolate Extravaganza.
• find new pet insurance.
• research about fix our ferals program and/or volunteer to the clinic.
• sign up for swimming lessons.

So far those are my to-do list. I've been travel free the first quarter of this year, which is pretty much the norm around here lately. I've got quite a project this year that might cramp my travel plans but while it's not travel vacation per se, the project requires I board a plane to Mexico, so it can be loosely defined as a travel as well.

Since I'll be mostly here in Northern California this year, I'm looking forward to:
• Lavender Festival in Santa Rosa
• Lavender Festival in Kenwood
• Eat Real Festival in Oakland
• Little get-away in the Central Coast, either Monterey area or Cambria/Morro Rock area.
• Little get-away in the North Coast preferably in Mendocino.
• Visiting Mt. Diablo State Park.
• More day trips to Sonoma and Napa Valleys.

When I lag behind writing posts here, I tend to consider shutting this down, despite the fact that I needed this to document what's been happening. I just really keep this going for me. If you read the posts, thanks. If you don't, that's fine too.


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