Manic Monday

"It's 6 o'clock already and I'm just in the middle of my dream."

Well that was literally me this morning. I had back-to-back dreams one before the alarm clock sounded and another afterwards, when I decided to go back for the mandatory "5 more minutes" after one turns off the alarm clock.

Funny how our dreams come out. I find that in order for me to document them, I have to blog about them.

The first dream (I think both dreams are actually one dream combined) I was lunching with college gal pals. I saw Betchay, Doc Sheila. The table was full, so I suppose the whole gang was back together, except for Fe, who in the dream we phoned to tell her how we wished she was joining us for lunch.

Then the obnoxious, louder than necessary buzz of the alarm clock abruptly cut my luncheon date. It's amazing how blindly we find the source of noise in our half asleep state. As I was doing so, I had to pull myself upwards to reach the alarm clock and the familiar weight on top of my legs told me my little kitteh Emma had been sleeping on top my legs still. I am her bed. The movement did not bother the cat and I mumbled to no one in particular, "5 more minutes". That was at 7:00 AM.

Second dream I was meeting up with Pat and Gigi, girlfriends of mine from here that I met in another school setting, for dinner. I was aware that I just had lunch with my college "barkada". While we were getting settled in our table (love the cozy ambiance of the restaurant), here comes my college classmate Belle with her little boy Bryton. It made no sense at all. How could my college life fuse with my after college life. It's really interesting. It makes me want to read up more on dream interpretation.

When the dream ended, I woke up to find that the 5 minutes was actually 35 and so I jumped out of bed hoping that I wouldn't come in late today.

Some years ago, college to be exact, I was very interested in dream interpretation. I read up on it, although most of what I read I cannot remember now. In my early years after I moved to California, I spent a lot of time in bookstores with coffee shop inside of them and browse at all the dream interpretation books I could find on the shelves and over coffee and biscotti I would scan the pages. Nothing of that reading knowledge remains with me today.

I'll be blogging on my other site about my day trip on Sunday to a very interesting spot called vernal pools just outside of Sacramento.


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