Yays and (oh) Noes!

  • Shoe shopping.  Got 2 on sale.
  • Dress shopping.  Got 2 also on sale.
  • Reserved camping cabin for July.
  • Drive to our favorite route Highway 128 to visit the "ghost trees", which are actually California oaks all covered/dripping with Spanish moss, looks eerie on a misty rainy winter day.
  • San Francisco 49ers going to the Super Bowl this Sunday, a little viewing party at home to boot.
  • Bought a dining voucher that includes a 5-course tasting menu with drink pairings.
(Oh) Noes:
  • Emma still not fully healed with whatever is ailing her. 
  • Pet insurance has not reimbursed me yet.
  • Headaches - go away!
  • Failure to pick up a book and a month is almost gone.
  • Unable to start with craft/needlework project.
  • Cannot get with the American Idol vibe this year.  Maybe when the shows are in Hollywood.
  • Big Bang Theory not getting love from critics as evidenced by their inability to snag any awards so far.  They were the toast before and when the show skyrocketed in popularity with the viewing masses, the critics looked the other way.  Isn't that always the case?  Still, I'm frustrated.
  • "Haven" has had it's season finale already. I want more of it. 
  • Cannot seem to start losing weight.
  • Still have not inquired about swimming lessons. Or pilates. Or Zumba.


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