Bullet time

What's going on?  It's been a week since my last post. 

A few of the things on my mind lately:
  • Cold here. Having a cold snap.  It's 36 F (2C) when I went to work this morning.  I love the cold weather.
  • Looking forward to having sake tasting this weekend with another couple, friends of ours.
  • Might miss the SF 49ers game though.
  • Watched the entire 49er V Packers last Saturday.  Must admit that Kaepernick is pretty good.
  • American Idol is back tomorrow.  Are you ready for another Idol season?
  • The Golden Globes was Sunday.  Happy but surprised that Ben Affleck bagged the Best Director award.  I am so looking forward to watching Argo.
  • Personally, I feel blah - physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • I think I need baseball to perk me up.
  • No concrete travel plans for 2013 yet.
  • Must plan vacation times this year, deadline for submission at work is by the end of the month.
  • Zoom lens for my DSLR still broke.  Boo hoo.
  • Need massage, ASAP.
  • Pancit palabok from Red Ribbon was dinner last night, courtesy of Brother #1.  Thanks Kuya, I needed that!
  • Dreaming of Mendocino this year. 
Well that's all folks.  Still not in the mood to blog here. I don't know why. 


madretz said…
-I hate to admit it but I haven't jumped on the 49ers bandwagon yet...I want them to WIN for sure and I'll watch tomorrow but I haven't had the same passion for it like I did the Giants.
-I didn't mind the cold either especially since it was accompanied by sunny days.
-Argo was good, you'll enjoy it. We just saw Zero Dark Thirty last night, also good, not filled with action, more like a documentary.
-I miss my mom's pancit.

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