What's The Verdict?

Or is too soon?

You don't know what I'm talking about?

It's about the new season of American Idol, silly. 

Oh you no longer care for AI!

I came to this new season with the attitude of "well I have nothing better to do" so why not watch.  I don't think the show has much staying power beyond this season, unless something earth-shattering thing happens.  Let's say they find that one superstar in the making.  Still I thought the show is really showing her age.

Now what do I really think?  What grade do I give?

Too soon.  After all, only one show has aired and it's the auditon part of the search. 

But, I did find J.Lo's cringing at her reluctance to crush the aspirant's hopes pretty refreshing and elicited giggles on my part and my husband's.

That's a good sign.

And I liked the fact that all three judges are singers/musicians and that they can put themselves in the auditioner's shoes.

I'm still weighing my feelings for Steven Tyler.

And Randy?  I though he should be playing more of a "lead" role, but well, he continues to be....Randy - the third judge.

So I am taking a wait-and-see-what-happens approach to AI this year.  That is until a more interesting show comes up somewhere in the same time slot. 


Wednesday is also the day my other favorite show, TOP CHEF, airs.  And the All-Star version is midway to the season. 

I have jumped into the bandwagon pretty late in the game. I believe I have been watching the show 3 years now.  They have been on air longer than that.

Which only means that many of the chefs participating in this All-Star version are all new to me, including Dale, who I googled because I had serious questions about his heritage.  Yes he is of Filipino heritage and I am happy that he's doing fine so far.  But the fortunes on Top Chef are fickle and they change pretty quickly from one show to the next.  So no one is really safe.

I have come to this season with Angelo as my "bet" to take it all the way.  You see I have seen the season where Angelo was one of the top three in the end.  And while his morals and ethics are in constant question on the show, I still thought that he makes good food - I would love to eat what he's cooking on the show.

I just previewed this post and read what I've written so far and I thought I'd come out as pretty much a couch potato with nothing better to do on a Wednesday night.  You are right in that assumption. 

So with this I end this post. But be certain I'll be sitting on the same couch come Wednesday night and tuning in to these 2 shows :)


mumsified said…
I've seen parts of the show (haven't really sat down to watch it) and I like it. I like Steven Tyler and Jlo. Next week I will definitely sit down to watch the whole show =)
kayni said…
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