Ten Things I Have Not Done

I'm playing with Rob of Sensory Replays because I thought this was a fun game.  It would also make me realize what else I wanted to do that's left undone so far.

Here goes:

  1. Join a photo contest - been planing and planning for years, but never had the courage to do so.
  2. Travel alone - not that I have any intention of doing it, I just merely say I haven't done it.
  3. Write a story - okay book or something. I have some story lines up in my coconut, but I just need to put in a word doc.
  4. Bungee Jump - not particularly high on my to-do list, but if I were in some exotic place, maybe.
  5. Meet a Fellow Blogger in Person - no offense but I have no real urge to do so - mainly because I have always maintained my sort of anonymity in the blogging world. "Sort of" because some of my blogger pals are also my FB friends.
  6. Wear a 2-piece bathing suit - and will never happen :) - not now.
  7. Master another language - went to school to study Spanish, but I was too advanced for the basic and they didn't have anything after the basic class.  Would also love to learn French and a Chinese language.
  8. Explore the wonders of the Philippine Islands - high up on my list.
  9. Attend an organized class reunion - hopefully next year with my college class.
  10. Stay in a hostel - would I or wouldn't I given the opportunity, I wouldn't know.
Thanks to Rob, you saved me one post to think about.


rob said…
.. thank you too for joining! i also wanted to include bungee jumping in my list but i changed my mind! haha.

.. the package you sent me for our x-mas exchange gift was received at the house the other day, thanks again.
mumsified said…
Nice game! =)

High on my list is to explore Philippines too.
upto6only said…
nice list. i wouldn't include doing bungee jumping in my list hahaha gawin ko na talaga lahat wag lang ang mga death defying stunts :p
Misalyn said…
i enjoyed reading this post and makes me think that I should write one.

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