Just an Observation

They are friends.

Like any other friends, they eat together, they laugh together, and they share and do things together.

Friend 1 found Mr. Right.

Friend 2 was happy for her.

Wedding was planned, caterers were sought, and location was picked.

No wedding happened.

Turns out Mr. Right turned left and made beautiful eyes with Friend 2.

Friend 1 found out.

She dumped Mr. Right.

Mr. Right pursued Friend 2.

Friend 2 entertained Mr. Right's attentions and flatteries.

And then nothing.

Today I saw Friend 1 and Friend 2 whispering in the hallway, gossiping, laughing, just like old times.

I don't get it.

Whatever happened to the knives on the back?

Would you pick up where you left off with a girlfriend who hurt you that way?

This is just me - but the sight of the two of them left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Oh what a post to begin the year.


mumsified said…
I wonder what happened with Mr. Right and Friend 2? Why it didn't last?

But you're right. I don't think I could be friends with someone who stabbed me in my back.

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