I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

~To you Mr. Executive driving your luxury car yapping into your blue tooth and barging your way in my lane infront of me without any signal or even a wave of your well manicured fingers to say thanks. Grrr!

~To you Soccer Mom, you must have confused the roadway as your household. I know you have princess in the back in her tutu sucking a tootsie pop and the prince needed to be picked up from karate class, but you see the empty space between me and the front car is Prius-sized and no amount of "because I say so" from your part would make your Sienna fit into it. Okay? I said so. Next time, I am not letting you into my lane. Remember that.

~To you Hip Hop Boy, listen here, I want to listen to my playlist, not yours so please roll up your windows or else I'll roll down my windows and put the volume to the max while I listen to some Barry Manilow.

~To your Mr. 18-Wheeler, you have the nerve to go above 55. This aint Arizona dude. Please stay a ways off my butt, you're making me nervous. Really.

[Can you tell I've been commuting a long time to collect all these grievances on the road?]


chrome3d said…
Full volume Barry Manilow will get you some attention all right.
Tricia said…
Hallelujah & Amen!
josiet said…
You'd collect a lot more grievances if you were driving here =)

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