Fall Ramblings (the first of many?)

oh its fall
the calendar told me so
but it doesn't feel it yet
too soon i guess

the tv schedule
said its fall
they started
showing their
new fall lineup
this week

house opened on monday
its usual timeslot
i wonder if it will
continue to
show at 8 pm

i watched it
but not with
my usual focus
it was two hours
and it was all

i guess the
lure of the show
lies with the
dynamics of
the entire cast

it bored me to watch
just house with

and yesterday
tuesday's lineup
cant remember
what i used to
watch on tuesdays
last fall

at 10 pm i tuned in
to the good wife
with nurse hathaway
and mr big

i liked the show
even hubby liked it
hope the writing
gets stronger
and the plot line
doesn't veer too
much to the left
or to the right

tonight i have to tune in
to my summer fave
the top chef
which of the brothers
stay and which one goes
or would they fight till
the finish


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