Hello There, Again!

Just when I’m giving myself a little blog break I chose to write something here. Work has been quite hectic recently that whatever things I needed to write here stayed in my brain and wouldn’t get out for me to write about them.

A dream became realized recently when we rented a cabin (what a cabin!) in Alpine Meadows by Tahoe and stayed for 2 nights with friends of ours. It has always been a fantasy to stay in a cabin in the mountains. What a fun, relaxing weekend it was. It rained the entire time, from our arrival on Friday night to our departure on Sunday afternoon. We ate, chatted, napped, watched a lot of tv, both sports and chick flick, observed the kids playing with each other and found a quiet time to oneself amidst a cabin full of people.

What made it more dreamy was that the trees were showing their fall colors. The cabin was surrounded by yellow everywhere you look. Quaking aspens dance in the wind, which was viewed from the large glass windows of the cabin. There was this one big window by the dining room, what a joy. I started daydreaming about how lovely it would be to do one’s sewing in the dining room table while looking out at the trees outside. What a cozy cabin, a bit compact, but each nook and cranny had a purpose.

I made a mental note to do more of these weekend trips. They are cheaper, does not require long travels, and they are so reinvigorating. We are looking at coming back to this cabin next summer. Why next summer? Because this cabin, that is owned by husband's co-worker, is booked solid from November to May. Fingers crossed we could go back here and enjoy the surrounding area with a hike. We were unable to hike because of the rain and the cold; our friends walked under a mile to reach the nearby creek, the watering hole around these parts where people swim in the summer time.

2016 10 15_pentax_0535
My friends going out for a walk after breakfast.

2016 10 15_pentax_0527
View outside the dining room window.

2016 10 15_pentax_0521
Stuck to the kitchen window.


witsandnuts said…
Beautiful place and your photos and story made it more appealing. This removes my fear of the mention of 'cabin' as I always tend to associate it with the scary movie. Hehehe.

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