I have requested to move up an approved vacation from management. I don't care whether it gets approved or not. Either way I am still going to get vacation time. Except that if approved I might be going to enjoy a few Carribean islands versus a combination of Vegas/San Diego if not approved. If it gets approved, I'd meet up with friends of ours; if not approved I'd meet up with other friends of ours. I think it's a win-win situation.

In another news, we recently went on a Monday night eight-some with 3 other couples - all friends of ours we met at church. One of them was having a birthday and his lovely wife planned this surprise birthday. However, him being a contrarian did not approve of the choice of restaurants. So funny. He wanted to go to an Indian restaurant and despite this occasion being his birthday we all vetoed because we all wanted to drink (on a Monday night!) and most Indian restaurants don't have variety in their alcoholic beverage menu, if they even have it. So all tired and stressed from a whole day of work, we had a fun-filled and loud dinner. Now they want to do this regularly. Another is having a birthday at the end of the month and husband's is not too far away. Really fun to get together with these people.

What else is happening? Not much. I'm still coloring, although I don't spend as much time as I did before; I started to read again. A medical thriller by Robin Cook. So glad that I am reading again. What I need to go back to is Zumba.

Fall Season is fun for tv lover like me because the shows I follow are back. So far, only Big Bang Theory has aired its new season and it was funny as ever. The writers of the show have not shown a decline in their ability to write humorous situations and the actors appear to be better than ever. Thus, I was DISAPPOINTED that there were no acting/writing/directing/bestcomedyshow in last Sunday's Emmy Awards? Unthinkable.

That's all for now.


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