Cheap is Expensive

Are you like me? Do you have a fascination with buying anything cheap? I like going to the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, 99 Cents Store, etc to get items like dust pan, brooms, paper clips, legal pads, etc, etc, etc.

Lately, however, I’ve been becoming aware that cheap is getting expensive. Like the soap caddy for instance. We buy at the dollar store. It doesn’t work after a few months. In a year we get to replace the caddy so often. Then there’s my work ID badge, the plastic thingy that you hang on a lanyard? Well I’ve been buying ID badge holder every month at the 99 Cents Store. Finally one day, I had it. On the third week of the last badge holder that I got from the discount store, it broke. I finally had it. I decided to buy one from Walmart. Okay so as much as Walmart doesn’t appeal to me as a “good employer”, the prices cannot be beat and when you’re operating your household under a tight budget, believe me you will grab onto Walmart’s prices so quickly.

Anyway, so we went to Walmart and found a package of 12 badge holders…..for $1.99. Twelve for $1.99!!!! More bang for my buck! And it’s good quality too. I think I will think twice before buying something from the dollar store from now on, although I’m very sure that nothing can stop me from shopping there.

Do you buy anything from discount/dollar stores?


Joyful said…
I don't have a habit of buying at the dollar store. I find when I do I get in a frenzy and spend a lot of money on stuff I really don't need. This past year I've shopped at the dollar store more than I have in years. Just the other day I heard that Dollarama may have to increase it's prices to $3. from a dollar. I believe last time I was there there wasn't much for a dollar. Most of the stuff is already $2.50 or $3.00. It is still a good place to buy things selectively. Otherwise you just have more junk at home. Have a wonderful weekend.
Kayni D said…
There's one peanut mix snack that I like at the dollar store, and it's the only reason I go there. BUT, I do go out with a bunch of I do think their stuff easily breaks. I have to be picky when I buy there. I haven't been to a Walmart in a long time. The Walmart close to our house is a zoo, so forget going there.
popcorn said…
This is so me! I like to roam the dollar stores to see what new cheap goodies are available. I did notice that some are more expensive than others, just recently, the best deal I saw for band aids at the dollar store were 40 pcs for $1. Went to the big lots beside it and got one for 80pcs for a $1 package. (My son is fascinated with boo-boos lately and we use up a lot of band aids)

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